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Large, muliti-stemmed shrub or tree with spreading branches.

Stunning fall leaves give way to fringed, yellow flowers in the late fall & persist through November. Great winter interest. Flowering begins when this plant is 6 yrs old.

Flowers are self fertile & are pollinated by small flies, bees, & moths

Host plant to many small moths, including the Witch hazel dagger moth

Fruits attract birds

Preforms best in moist areas, but can grow well in a large range of soils including

clay, loam, sand, dry to medium conditions, but extremely wet conditions should be avoided

Blooms in full sun to partial shade Sept-Nov

Grows 10-20 ft tall. Might reach up to 25 ft in optimum growing conditions, 12-15 ft is typical

Hamamelis virginiana - Witch hazel

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