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Native shrub with glossy, dark green leaves produce flat-topped white flowers

4 inches in diameter. Flowers attract many pollinators.   

Host plant to 101 species of lepidoptera, including 2 specialist moth species: the Brown swoopwing & marveled wave moths. Also the hummingbird & snowberry clearwing moths, as well as the Spring Azure butterfly. 

Flowers fade to blue-black berries attracting birds & wildlife.

Fall leaves are a colorful aray of crimson red with hues of orange & yellow

Blooms May-June in full sun to partial shade

Grows from a range to 6-10 ft tall & 6ft -10 ft wide.

In optimal growing conditions may reach up to 15 ft tall.

Prefers medium to moist, well-drained soil, but once established is drought tolerant.

Also tolerant to clay & black walnut 

Native Americans used the straight branches for arrowhead shafts. 

Sold in 1 gallon pots 

Viburnum dentatum - Arrow-wood

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