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Mound shaped deciduous shrub with densely packed clusters of pink to rose to purplish flowers with long, pink stamens forming spike-like blooms resembling steeples. Large flower heads rest ontop single branched orangish-red stems coated in woolly hairs. Flower heads are 3-4 inches wide & 8 inches long.

Dark green foliage with serrated edges is accompanied by woolly hairs on the underneath surface. As flowers fade, brown seed pods coated in a mat of white hairs develop. Foliage turns a striking reddish-gold color in the fall. 

Larvae host plant for spring & summer Azure butterflies, Sharp lined yellow moth, &

the Blind-eyed sphinx. 

Grows best in wet, acidic soils, but is tolerant to medium soil & clay

Reaches 2-4ft tall & 3-5ft wide 

Blooms July to September in full to partial sun 

Deer resistant

Sold in 2x3 inch pots 



Spiraea tomentosa - Steeple bush

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