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Very large prairie plant distinquished by its large basal fern-like foliage & remarkable stature 

Leaves become much smaller as they asend up the stem 

Clusters of 3-4 inch flowers resembling wild sunflowers perch on short branched stems at the top of a very tall sturdy stem

Blooms in full sun July-Sept

Ranges from 6-12 ft tall 

The large taproot can extent 15 ft into the ground. 

This plant can live up to 100 yrs old.

Prefers moist to slightly dry conditions 

Deep loamy soil is best for the cental taproot 

Long-tongued bees such as Bumblebees, Minor bees & Leaf-Cutting bees are the best for pollination of the compass plant, also visited by Monarch butterflies 

Host plant for many insects  

Common name derives from the leaves pointing in a north-south direction to avoid direct rays from the midday sun.

Sold in 2x3 inch pots & Quart pots - Quart pots are a pick-up option only  

Silphium laciniatum - Compass plant

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