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Large native shrub that will add impressive stature to the backdrop of a pollinator garden. Dense clusters of bright yellow, pea-like flowers displaying stamens with black anthers & pistils with white hairs. Flowers stand out against dark-green compound foliage. Wild Senna is in the legume family. It will restore nitrogen to the soil.

Nectar is also located at the base of every leaf, attracting flies, ants, & ladybird beetles.

This is believed that by attracting such insects, they help defend the plant from pests that might destroy it, hense leaving a vital food source for butterfly larvea.

Host plant for sulphur butterflies such as the Cloudless sulphur , Orange-barred sulphur, & Sleepy orange butterflies. Also attracts hummingbirds.

Flowers fade to large, brown seed pods in the fall, which are enjoyed by larger birds such as wild turkeys & quail.

Blooms in full to partial sun July to August

Naturally grows near moist, open woodlands, meadows, & along streambanks

Grows 3-6ft tall & 3-4ft wide. This native has a horizontal root system, giving it the ability to withstand wind. Good for erosion control.

Even though fertile loam soil is preferred, it is tolerant to sandy, rocky soil, & clay.

Tolerant to occasional flooding & drought once established.

Deer resistant

Sold in 2x3 inch pots

Senna hebecarpa - Wild senna

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