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Woodland groundcover that creates a mass of fragrant white flowers with prominant yellow stemens. One of the first natives to bloom in spring. Attracts early pollinators such as Carpenter bees & Mason bees. Flowers are short lived, but as they fade, the main basal leaf wrapped around the stalk begins to unfurl to a five lobed, deeply notched leaf, opening up to 6 inches in diameter. The seeds that are left behind, contain a sweet, fleshy organ called an elaisome that attracts ants. This leads to the distribution of seeds throughout the woodland floor.

The stems contain a red juice that is toxic to herbivores, hense the name Bloodroot. 

Both stems & roots are toxic to dogs. 

Native Americans used the red juice as a dye. 

Bloodroot will go dormant by mid summer.

This native needs hummus-rich, moist, well-drained soil.

It will not do well in heavy clay or soils that do not drain well. 

Blooms late March-April 

Typically grows 6-10ft tall. May grow taller in optimum growing conditions.

Sanguinaria canadensis - Bloodroot

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