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Stunning prairie grass that once covered vast areas of the midwest. Typically noted for it's upright form & blue-green slender leaves 

Foliage turns a beautiful orange-yellow color in the fall & sustains hints of color throughout the winter 

Stiff vertical flowering stems topped with narrow feathery light brown flower panicles highlighted with yellow stamens, rise well above the foliage clump in September 

Panicles darken to bronze-chestnut in the fall & fade to grey 

Preforms best in full sun 

Grows 3-5ft tall in dry to medium soil 

Tolerant to a wide range of soils including clay, poor soil, dry, infertile, & shallow-rocky soil

Tends to open up & flop in moist, rich, soils

Attracts birds 

Sold in 2x3 inch pots 

Sorghastrum nutans - Indiangrass

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