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Native grass with bamboo-like foliage with flattened, spikelet seed heads dangle from arched stems. In summer months, bright green foliage provides habitat for butterflies. Host plant to several species of lepitoptera, including Northen Pearly-eye, Gemmed Satyr, Pepper & the Salt Skipper

In the fall, foliage fades to coppery tones & seed heads carry bronze-purple hues. Eventually fade to brown in winter. Seed heads persist into winter months, providing food source for birds & wildlife. 

Prefers average, to wet, well-drained, loam, sandy soils, but is tolerant to clay.

Grows 3-4 ft tall  

Blooms Aug-Oct in full to partial shade

Deer resistant, drought tolerant

Sold in 2x3 inch pots  

Chasmanthium latifolium - Northern sea oats

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